10 Top Challenges of Property Managers

Despite the continuous stream of innovation and efforts made by real estate professionals to add a new dimension to the housing market, the basic tasks of a property manager are considered to be rather annoying and exhausting owing to several practical day-to-day challenges. These practical dilemmas may be valid for a number of reasons. These woes may originate from lack of properly organized paperwork, a shortage of adequate inventory management automation tools, careless landlords, and the increasing complexity of mortgage and loan regulations that require stringent documentation for the realty deals.

The problems of real estate property managers often go beyond the traditional work hours. To ensure smooth and well-organized proceedings, property managers must engage in careful planning and tackling challenges in their stride to

Coping up with a wide range of property management tasks is difficult enough, and while handling the day to day operations of leasing and renting business can be exasperating, the upcoming challenges of the housing market can add to a variety of stress levels. Property managers must certainly be prepared to address the challenges that may arise in the course of pursuing their business strategies. The following are the most common challenges faced by property managers and realty professionals.

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challenges of property managers
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1. Responsibility

Trust is one of the most eminent aspects of maintaining your position as a successful property manager & is also a foundation of a much-desired business relationship. When a property manager delivers what is promised consistently and ensures that there are no failures in the delivery of services, in the long run, the owner will be more than happy to give him the authority and responsibility to make decisions independently.

As the landlord doesn’t live on-site, real estate agents act as the landlord’s agent. It is their duty to screen several tenants to ensure only appropriate ones are permitted to reside in the property, to do maintenance, and to control damage risk, thus safeguarding landlords’ investments. All this presupposes that from time to time, these specialists have to go through premises, which can be cumbersome to do in an expedient manner but demands to be properly tackled nevertheless.

2. Communication

The most important part of the property management job is to be well-versed with real estate regulations, practices, and details of specific local communities. These details include the governing bylaws, rules regarding possession, the problem of preventing and solving disputations between the tenants and landlord. In addition to these challenges of property managers, it is the property manager’s job to clear any misconceptions during the interaction with landlords and tenants.

Being an outstanding manager requires a clairvoyant ability to find common ground between the parties that involve a wide range of individual perspectives. A property manager needs to coordinate with each tenant and landlord in order to assure them that the proposed rent is amenable to their budget and financial situation. And all this requires, in turn, more effective communication processes to be put in place.

3. Personality

Even a flawless property manager will fail to obtain his ends and achieve the ultimate level of success if he does not possess a friendly demeanor. It is, therefore, the duty of a professional property manager to stay dedicated, act promptly, be inventive and productive, to get along well with people; particularly, an ability to communicate effectively will help him prevent possible disagreements and later cause them.

As the property manager gradually expands the business, their regular clients will keep calling him for advice over the matters related to housing, including zoning problems, how to deal with borders, and the best practices in achieving the client’s goals. Maintaining positive working relationships with the landlords, tenants, and other real estate professionals will eventually yield trust and a long-lasting relationship between the property manager and his clients.

4. Risks

Even a carefully planned property management business plan may backfire and turn into quite a failure despite smooth operations with a good client to a property manager relationship. A property manager should be aware that most of his operations might encounter some types of risks that might blemish the attractiveness of the property management industry; for example; any violation of the contractual agreement with clients, or any kind of deception to the client and breaching his trust, ignoring the legal guidelines and practices and, in the worst case, not fulfilling the personal obligations towards the tenants for any misconduct.

Any potential risk that might threaten the success of the business should be addressed once they are identified. The prevention might prevent any kind of loss, while the proper insurance will safeguard your property in case of any damage.

5. Operating costs

One of the most complicated challenges of property managers is to efficiently control the costs of the business, although it may not seem to be an issue in the overactive real estate industry. Renting out a property and paying the expenses are crucial parts of the business, which are somehow difficult to undertake successfully because any hiccup in finding tenants or in following the business plan could lead to financial failure.

Property managers should keep an eye for expenses that may affect the profitability of the business, particularly administrative costs, legal services fees, the necessary resources, such as furniture, equipment, and all the other resources that should contribute to providing a professional standard of services.

6. Safety and security

Another common yet quite formidable challenges of property managers are safety and security. Accidents or anything that may endanger the safety and security of clients is one of the issues that make your operation fail, even before it has begun. Any intrusion of the premises that cause any trouble or damage, an injury, or any other kind of harm in the property and surrounding areas can deteriorate the business quickly. The landlord may fail to trust you, and he is unlikely to engage you in the same capacity.

7. Supporting Technology

iBillding is an innovative app crafted to help overcome the challenges of property managers. iBillding assists professionals like you to effectively deal with the common problems such as managing tenant payment receipt, property damages caused by careless tenants, downtime management, as well as the automation of daily paperwork activities. iBillding will help you make digital records, organize workflows, create custom business forms, and generally equip your real estate business with all the technical means of effective modern productivity in real estate management.

8. Staffing/Services

Property managers are supposed to be management-minded individuals who have the ability to plan and control the staff, effectively arrange workflow, and thus their businesses. Being an effective manager may require a keen sense of honing the specific work style of an employee and knowing where to allocate individual labor force, as well as when to change it to achieve the best possible results.

An experienced property manager will also have the skill to oversee the quality and consequently deliver the standard of services.

9. Working Too Many Long Hours

Caring for the challenges of property managers professionally and achieving the utmost successful success might lead to overcoming each one in turn. However, it could also take a toll on your health because long hours of working without enough rest & steady time for self-reflection undoubtedly lead to a stressful lifestyle that may lead to a hardening of arteries and all the other issues that affect your overall health negatively.

10. Tenants

One of the most infuriating challenges of property managers is dealing with tenants that may be careless and destructive, and harder than others to deal with. You need to make sure that all your efforts as a property manager to maintain a good relationship with your tenants do not fall out of favor due to the irresponsible behavior of a few. You need to prevent the decline of morale for the benefits of your business in the long term and for the means to provide the best possible end of tenancy cleaning services.


With an increasingly competitive real estate industry, property managers are operating in conditions of utmost pressure. Being a successful professional in the business isn’t possible without addressing the challenges in a timely manner and being ready for any situation you might encounter.

iBillding is a cloud-based property management application designed to provide all the necessary tools to handle the demanding complexity of property management work. This application is an all-in-one solution for property managers that comprise all the advanced functionalities of modern property management. It will maximize your standard of service provision and lower your technological expenses dramatically while substantially raising the effectiveness of your business.

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